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Bushman's Baobabs is situated on the junction of the Shire river and the southern boundary stream of Liwonde National Park. Set in a beautiful grove of ancient Baobabs, the Lodge shelters beneath the great boughs of these elephantine trees.

Surrounded on three sides by marsh and open water, there are remarkably few mosquitoes. The symphony of hippopothamus calls will serenade you through the night, and mornings are broken with the calls of the multitude of birds that have happily adopted us.

We at Bushman's have followed the tradition established at our old Lodge, Chinguni Hills, of maintaining a homely relaxed atmosphere. The budget, mid-range and family traveller have supported us for over 12 years in the Park. Experince has taught us that formalities after a long day's travel are painful. We have gone further by disposing of them wherever possible.

Through need and circumstance, Bushman's was started in July 2010 after a mad month of building. We have progressed a long way since then and are still the good value for money safari option for travellers in our region.

We are a not for profit Trust based in Malawi, Southern Africa with the aim of:

Assisting in the conservation,    research and sustainable    development of Liwonde    National Park and adjacent    conservation areas